European Civil Protection Short Story Contest

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The project, promoted by the Consortium SEE aims to create an audiovisual product of 20 minutes commissioned to audiovisual professionals able to raise public awareness on the issues of civil protection.
The story will be chosen through a contest.

Please check the announcement and registration procedures.

Art. 1 - The contest
The Consortium promotes the EEA competition "European Civil Protection Short Story Contest", whose goal is to raise young people's awareness towards the issues of prevention of natural and man-made disasters, emphasizing the importance of civil protection systems.

Art. 2 - Objective
The objective of the contest is to conceive a subject (story) for a short film (fiction), a documentary or a docu-drama.

Art. 3 - How to apply
The story can be produced in English or in National language in the form of video synopsis (thatis, a video of max 6 minutes to present the subject) or of a written text. It can be a pitch addressed to a counter part; a monologue-story; an interview (self- interview, multiple interview or several interviews) or other forms that meet the requirements of consistency, intelligibility and expressive unity. It may also depict situations or events to support the story.

Art. 4 - The story
The general theme of the story is civil protection and events related to it; we suggest two subject areas (although our recommendation is not binding):

A. 'victims&heroes'
Human experience:
1. Experience as a 'victim'. The 'victim' is a person involved in a dramatic event (earthquake, floods, fire, evacuation etc.). He/she can be of any age, any ethnic group and any social or geographical background.
2. Experience as a 'hero'. The 'hero' is a person who distinguished him/herself in a rescue operation in a risk situation. He/she can be a professional (firefighter, doctor etc.), a volunteer, a citizen, a student, a child who saved his/her friends or other people.

The story may include one of these characters or both.

Description of an event such as a natural disaster or a dramatic event involving the whole population or single citizens, rescue operations, help, support and drills.

Participants are free to choose their own way of narrating their story. It is advisable though to keep in mind the general principles of storytelling: prologue, plot, climax, solution.

Art. 5 - Participants
The contest is for: not professional authors, young authors, students from film/TV schools, art schools (high school) and university courses in art, cinema, television, communication and literature, young filmmakers.
Minimum age of the participants:18 years old.

Art. 6 - Deadline
The deadline for submitting the story is April 30, 2014. Works received after this date will not be accepted. The Consortium SEE reserves the right to extend the date by communicating its decision on all dissemination tools of the contest.

Art. 7 - Sharing
Works will be shared on a dedicated web platform, open and interactive.

Art. 8 - The jury
A jury will declare the winner who will receive a prize of € 1.500,00 and, in case a story will be considered by the jury worth of mention, the jury can release a merit mention and the author will receive € 500,00.

Art. 9 - Making the video
The winning story will be then made into a short film directed by a professional film director. It will be a joint production of the Consortium SEE, Satine Film and 39Films.
Upon registration, each Participant agrees that all intellectual property rights in and to any work created or invented by the Participant submitted for the competition shall belong to the SEE Consortium.
The waiver must be attached to the application form.

Art. 10 - Originality and copyright
The stories must be original; by signing the application form the authors declare to be responsible in case any legal actions be started by third parties regarding copyright violations thus discharging the Consortium SEE from any responsibility.
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